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    All (two) scales (y-axis) in use - columns vary a lot in height

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a chart (combochart) where I display, on the dimension "month" (format like May-14), a few different kinds of costs.

      I am already using two y-axes,

      - the total costs on the left

      - the individual costs on the right

      (otherwise, the individual columns would just become too tiny)


      Now I have a specific problem with one kind of costs where the values are very tiny - I would need to use a third scale to accommodate those figures which I obviously cannot do.

      => I had the idea of displaying the figures as such, vertically, so they too would be visible.

      <=> The other columns are a lot bigger, so for them I would like to "show the figures inside the elements" (I know there is a checkbox for this) - but when I tick this, the figures for the tiny columns (not at all visible in fact) disappear.


      => Can I somehow code this in the expression_properties?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,