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    Section Access - Script dies -> Help wracking brain...

    Tim Webber

      Its a really simple sript rignt now. It will be integrated with another script but this bit below wont run. The script simply reports "Execution of script failed. Reload Old data. I copied a wee bit of script from for loading data inline just to be sure something wasn't really wrong. The inline script commented out below runs fine. Note that my path is good and the "load" script from qvd below is exactly what the wizzard put in the script (except REDUCTION as USERID) but I can write SQL blind so I am pretty sure this bit is fine. What's wrong? I am using the USERID as the filed that will eventually be used for dynamic data reduction.

      Any ideas would be great. Also, if anyone knows where the log file would be that would help. The error message is pretty useless.


      Section Access;
      DIRECTORY '..\QVD';


      //LOAD * INLINE [
      //USER, USER1, U1, SALES
      //USER, USER4, U4, SALES
      //USER, USER5, U5, *

        • Section Access - Script dies -> Help wracking brain...
          Peter Rieper

          Do you have a SECTION APPLICATION before your script?

          Alternatively you may switch off the option to create a logfile. Sometimes after a QV has crashed, the logfile is still open and prevents an update of same.



            • Section Access - Script dies -> Help wracking brain...
              Tim Webber

              I do have a SECTION APPLICATION after my SECTION ACCESS IN MY SCRIPT. If i comment out the section access, the rest of it runs fine. Its just the section access bit. Can you tell me where the error log would be for my documents - i'll try and switch off option to create a log file but i dont know what option that is? i checked under application data for Qliktech under my account and all users and nothing that i can see looks like a docoument log. I really have no idea why its dying. I have done this before without too much trouble but this one is really stumping me.

                • Section Access - Script dies -> Help wracking brain...
                  Tim Webber

                  I found logging I just didn't have it turned on. The log is no help at all. It says there is a general script error. Hmm.


                  11/27/10 02:03:20: Execution started.
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: QlikView Version:9.00.7320.7
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 0002 SECTION ACCESS
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 0004 DIRECTORY '..\QVD'
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 0006 TRACE Starting section access
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 0006 Starting section access

                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 0009 LOAD [PASSWORD] as PASSWORD,
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 0010 [ACCESS] as ACCESS,
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 0011 REDUCTION,
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 0012 REDUCTION as USERID
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 0013 FROM
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 0014 E:\Projects\Pepsi\LSDev\QVD\E_LSUSERS.QVD
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 0015 (qvd)
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: 4 fields found: PASSWORD, ACCESS, REDUCTION, USERID, General Script Error
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: Execution Failed
                  11/27/10 02:03:20: Execution finished.

              • Section Access - Script dies -> Help wracking brain...
                Gordon Savage

                Not something to do with the QVD file is it? Try loading it in a test document that doesnt have section access just to make sure.


                • Section Access - Script dies -> Help wracking brain...
                  Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                  Hello Tim,

                  Section Access won't load from an optimized QVD So either ot the following should work:


                  LOAD [PASSWORD], [ACCESS], REDUCTION, REDUCTION as USERIDFROME:\Projects\Pepsi\LSDev\QVD\E_LSUSERS.QVD(qvd) WHERE 1=1; // This forces an unoptimized load


                  LOAD UPPER([PASSWORD]) AS PASSWORD, UPPER([ACCESS]) AS ACCESS, // Just to make sure the values are being pulled correctly UPPER(REDUCTION) AS REDUCTION, // As all fields and values must be uppercase in SA UPPER(REDUCTION) as USERID // The UPPER() unoptimizes the load likewiseFROME:\Projects\Pepsi\LSDev\QVD\E_LSUSERS.QVD(qvd);

                  Hope this helps