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    Concatenate tow fields or more..

      I would create a field from other fields. I tried to surround the fields with (*), puisavec "but it does not work !!!

      here is my script:
      Laod *;
      SQL select ....


      STORE ICP_DATA Into $ (vSaveQVD) BILLING.QVD (qvd);


      load NumSum(Frais1, Frais2) as 'Total Frais Prod',

           "Code Tiers"&"Code Article" as 'Compte Clef',

           Concat(';',Code Sous-Fam. Article,';',C2 Tiers,';') as 'Clef STARR',

           left("Code Tiers",3) as 'Filtre Compte Client',

           Concat(';',Filtre Compte Client,Clef STARR)  as  'Clef STARR ICP'    

      Resident ICP_DATA;

      The fields ( Frais1, Frais2, Code Sous-Fam. Article,C2 Tiers) are created in the SQL SELECT query.

      How to solve this problem?