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    Scheduler master only and Scheduler slave does not work

    Alexander Korsikov

      I have a Sense site with two node.  Central Scheduler type "Master+ Slave" Second Scheduler "Slave".

      If I set Central Scheduler type as "Master"  task are not executed. 

      In system_scheduler.txt log i find it message "No Slaves found to execute Task"

      full line

      164920141119T150159.568+0200ERRORFlySystem.Scheduler.Scheduler.Master.Execution.ExecutionManager16284d726c783-089a-44db-b7a4-7ab159a28d1aRBCGRP\qvsuserNo Slaves found to execute Taskbig data8537ccd4-ef4e-4fa3-8be9-0af2ca0e4b4bRBCGRP\korsikov00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000big dataa34b54b3-422c-43a6-8f18-588f7538c61ed726c783-089a-44db-b7a4-7ab159a28d1a


      Require additional configuration or a bug server?