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    Using SAP-FI template and the SETCLASS variable

    Alexis Hadjisoteriou


      I am using the SAP Connector and using the SAP-FI template to pull out data from my clients SAP database.

      All is looking well with all the customer data looking like they have been extracted OK but we have no vendor transactional data (apart from the vendor details in LFA1 which seem OK).

      When we run the extract we used the default SETCLASS of 0109, but when I look at the code I see that this values (SETCLASS) is used as a condition when extracting from the SAP tables SETLEAF, SETNODE and SETHEADERT.

      Using my client's SAP administrator we looked at these 3 tables and we have noted that there are more entries (that we need) other than the default 0109 (for example 0106 etc). Have others experienced this scenario and how did they deal with it other than hardcoding all these combinations in an OR statement in the template code?

      Any assistance would be appreciated