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    Multiple task at on QMC

    Ferha Jafri

      Hello Everyone ,


      This is very urgent , i have 3 jobs running at QMC one at :7:15 , this job fetch only 2 tables which are transaction tables from server and refresh 14 applications. Other job runs at 8:45 , in this we have created test application which have different names . Last runs at 9:35 which fetch all the tables from server and refresh all the 14 applications with same name so my problem is that the applications are taking long time to load as when scheduler of 9:35 runs , it start refreshing the applications under 7:15 job , which i don't want what i needed is the job at 7:15 runs then 8:45 job rubs no issue if they run simultaneously but when 9:35 job runs 7:15 job application should not run along with it. Please help it is urgent and other important thing is many times it happen that jobs at 7:15 running even after 9:35.



      Thanks in advance


      Ferha Jafri