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    Rangeavg() inside if(), unable to avoid null rows&columns

      • I tried the expression below and the result I got is show in the image(1) below.
                     =sum({<Type={'Inventory'}>} Units)

      Note: I'm using QV10




      • Thereafter I modified the expression with "rangeavg()" function. But I get additional null rows&columns (highlighted in the image below)
      • Also I tried suppress null values, but still I'm getting the same result.


      =if(sum({<Type={'Inventory'}>} Units),
          sum({<Type={'Inventory'}>} Units)/
          rangeavg(before(if(sum({<Type={'SalesOut'}>} Units)>=0,sum({<Type={'SalesOut'}>} Units)),0,8))


      Could anyone please help me to solve this problem?

      Thanks in advance


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