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    How to return a value instead of "null" in a join ?

      Hi everyone,


      I will try to clearly explain my case. In my qlikview model, there are 2 tables.  Table A linked to table B on key1.


      On my qlikview, users can make selections on the fields of Table A so the link between the 2 tables looks like a "Table A left join Table B".


      In my Qlikview application, there is a table which contains some fields of Table A and some of TableB.


      But sometimes some records of key1(the key) in Table A are not found in Table B which means that all the fields from TableB return a null value.


      How can I put a value "unknown" instead of null ?


      Is it possible to do it without making an explicit join in the script ?



      Hope my problem is clear enough, if not, do not hesitate.


      Thanks & Have a good day