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    variable value empty in calendar

    Zhihong He

      Hi, all,


      I use 2 variable as the vStartDate and vEndDate to get a arbitrary date range. And also create a trigger to return the value of vStartDate and vEndDate if a date range is selected from the Date dimension.


      This works before when I use "D-M-YYYY" format, which is the default format of the system. And now I changed all to use "DD.MM.YYYY" format, then Input box object performs the same as before, but the Calender will only show the value of the variables if you select the date in the calender. The two variables still get the date value back if Date dimension is selected, but in the calender, the value dose not display anymore!!!

      In the attached .qvw, you can see that the calendar objects Start and End are empty, but  the calender objects S and E have the value from the 2 variables.


      Note: when I provide the 2nd example with DateOld dimension for comparison, for some reason, the selection on the DateOld dimension dose not work as well. And normally vS and vE should change if you select on DateOld.


      I tried to change the format in the calendar as well, but it dose not work.

      BTW, I use the newest version 11.20 SR9


      Any one has any clue?


      Thanks very much