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    Graph Against Months With Two Different Fields

      I have a table for purchases and a table for upgrades. Both tables have their own date fields like this: PurchaseMonth and UpgradeMonth. What I would like to do is show a graph that sums both Purchases and Upgrades across months. For the dimensions field i'm using PurchaseMonth. Here's what I have for the expression:

      Sum( PurchaseSales ) + Sum( {$<UpgradeMonth=PurchaseMonth>} UpgradeSales)

      The problem i'm having is the UpgradeSales aren't getting added into the chart just the Purchase sales. I believe this is because I am using PurchaseMonth as the dimension. I've been messing around with the set analysis with no luck. I'm thinking I might need to create some sort of month table that isn't linked to either sales or purchases then graph against that value. Not sure how to do that though.