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    Second posting - count only first occurence

      Hello ... this is the second posting since i had received no responces the first time

      I have the following problem

      I have a table of jobs with a code and a start date. For each job I have several tasks. For each task I have several events that are the attempts to achive the tasks each event has a event date and several performances indicators (all have 0 or 1 as value). For one task I can have several events with tha same result (for example one indicator is "partial success" it means that i had a positive result but did not complete the task ... so I can have more than one partial success since I complete the task)

      Now I want to build a pivot table tha show the JOB code, the day from the begin of job and the count of task that achived the selected performance or the selected performances combination FOR THE FIRST TIME.

      So if a task reach a "partial success" at day 2,3 and 5 I want count it ONLY on day 2

      I cannot do this count becouse I have about 10 independent performances indicator and I need measure for each possible combination

      I post also an example