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    How to find which service is down?

    ajay ajay

         Hi All,


         Generally some times any one of the service out of 5 is down and it will up in later automatically.


        How to know which service is failed and up.At failure time i am receiving the mail of some tasks failure mail(so it means its the QMS is ok).


      Note :Am working on a cluster environment.


      QDS,QSC,QMS are in one server

      QV servers are in different servers



      1. i) Qlikview Distribution Service [QDS] => Responsible for the reload tasks.
      2. ii) Qlikview server => Responsible for Access point Server document
      3. iii) Directory Service Connector => For Authentication
      4. iv) Qlikview Management Services => It gives the all setting for the all services and responsible for QMC(Qlikview Management Console)