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    Section Access and DMS Mode

    Monika Gumber

      I want to give my external customers access to QV app. I have created a list of external users using the CUSTOM directory service and then limited the access within the section access of the document which means that the user would need to log on twice once to authenticate against the custom directory service and again when he/she tries to open the document. To get rid of this issue I allowed anonymous access to this document but when I try to open this document I get no user cal for this user error. Can you suggest where am I going wrong?


        • Section Access and DMS Mode
          Bjorn Wedbratt

          Hi Monika,
          If you allow anonymous access to the document, the user will be anonymous (from QVS perspective) and hence you cannot utilize User CAL:s. Section Access is performed after authentication/handing out CAL:s and has nothing to do with authentication per say.

          If you use Custom Users, a CAL will be handed out based on the customer user as can been see on the assigned CAL tab. If you want to utilize Section access for this custom user, try adding the user into the field NTNAME in section access, like:

          Load * INLINE [
          NTNAME, ACCESS
          CUST1, ADMIN ];

          See if that helps.