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    legend disappears after picking selection criterion

    Tamara Witzgall



      I have made two charts where you can decide between three selection criterions:

      If I pick one of the criterions the others disappear:

      and reappear after clicking anywhere on the chart:


      The charts both have two dimensions. One is a bar chart the other a line chart. The dimensions are the same for both.

      I tried to choose another chart type but that didn't have any effect.

      When I rearrange the legend on the left or right side so that the criterions are standing one below the other it works correctly. Unfortunately I need it to be at top and the criterions to stand in one line.

      I tried to make the legend bigger but the only effect was a smaller graph.


      Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong here and how to fix it?


      Thanks for any help!


      Tamara Witzgall