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    Calculation problem

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have an Excel list where, in one field, I have a list of values, separated by commas - the number of values there can differ greatly, one day it is 12, the next time (still on the same day) it is 110 and so on.


      The difficulty is: In a subroutine, I turn that into as many records as I have values in that field - 12 records out of 1 to stick with the example and 110 out of the next one.

      => I cannot simply sum this up, I'd get an enormous number.

      Using >> Sum(DISTINCT)  << would solve that problem.
      <=> If by chance I got two records with the same number of values in that field, that would be wrong again.


      What can I do to avoid both those pitfalls?

      I have a unique line_ID - can I use a set_expression or sth. so that the number belonging to one unique line_ID is counted only once?


      Thanks a lot!


      Best regards,