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    Reload fails in QMC

      There are lots of questions on this forum about failed reloads, usually caused by incorrect rights (either database or via section access).


      However in my case that doesn't seem to be the issue.


      I have this LOAD script that connects to a SQL server database. The script loads correctly in the desktop client. In QMC it loads the first couple of tables and than stops with a "Table not found" message. I believe this is not the primary issue but caused by the load statement before that; the log file shows that the statement before that does not return results, but throws no error either.


      Below is the log result from the last succesfully completed LOAD (452949 lines fetched). After that is a SQL load where the line "2 fields found" and "... lines fetched" are missing.

      2014-11-24 11_52_48-___stqlv02_apps$_Datamodel_WFM Data Layer.qvw.log - Notepad  .png

      This is the same log from the qlikview desktop, notice the result is different.

      2014-11-24 11_53_55-___stqlv02_apps$_Datamodel_WFM Data Layer.qvw - OK.log - Notepad  .png


      The qvw contains no section access, SQL rights are correct as the previous SQL loads do return results.


      Any ideas?