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    problem with set analysis

    Zhihong He

      Hi, all,


      I had a problem with the set analysis.

      Originally, I have an expression like below, which works:

      max({<CaStartDate={"<=$(=Date(today(),'D-M-YYYY h:mm:ss'))"}>}CaStartDate)


      As I need to do test of the data, I need to fix a date, then I change the expression as follows:

      max({<CaStartDate={"<=$('18-9-2014 0:00:00')"}>}CaStartDate)

      And this one dose not work, it always give me the same result as  max(CaStartDate).

      I learned from a college that this may caused by other current selections, so I add the AgeCategory which has a selection as below:

      max({<CaStartDate={"<=$('18-9-2014 0:00:00')"}, AgeCategory=>}CaStartDate)

      But it still dose not work.

      Dose any one have a clue about this?

      The example .qvw file is attached:

      Thanks very much