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    Set Analysis

      Hi Dear, 


      A novice in QlikView can anyone please help me with troubleshooting this formula. Not sure whether I got the syntax right. The objective here is to first off check if the QtrMonthValue is empty then colour it white, else apply the RAG status of Green or Red depending on whether the QtrMonthValue is gretaer or less than the IndThreshold value.

      =if (only ({1<QuarterNo = {'3'}>} QtrMonthValue)= Null (),White(), if (max({1<QuarterYear ={'$(='Qtr3-'&only(Year_Fiscal))'}>} QtrMonthValue)) >= num(IndThreshold,'#,##0.0%'),vRAGGreen1,vRAGRed1) .


      Any help will be most appreciated!