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    Uninstall SAP connector

    Paddy Chan

      Hi all,


      I got a question from my customer, they want to completed uninstall / remove the transport files in SAP environment.


      Some of the objects other than the authorization objects,  are not include in the remove TR. Is it possible to have a TR to remove all the object (include the Authorization object and the labels) ?


      My customer installed SAP connector 5.8 SR 4





        • Re: Uninstall SAP connector
          Tomas Sommergyll

          Hi Paddy,


          It is not possible to delete the authorization objects with a transport. It has to be done manually. Here are the steps:


          1. Import the existing QV connector deletion transport
          2. Remove the QV roles from all users
          3. Delete the QV roles from the system landscape
          4. Delete the SAP profile SAP_ALL
          5. Delete the QV authorization objects
          6. Delete the QV package /QTQVC/QTDEV
          7. Regenerate the profile SAP_ALL


          The steps above should be performed by an SAP authorization expert. In the near future we are planning to provide a more detailed user guide about how it is done.


          Best regards