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    JOIN problem - is there anything with table_names?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      just curious: I just had a very strange phenomenon:

      - I had in my DataModel a table >> Transaction_aux2 << and a table >> Personal_WE <<

      - I wanted to join those on three fields - week, shift and a box_number, to do several things:

        => To filter the table >> Transaction_aux2 << to only the records that could be matched with the other table

        => To get from the other table one more field

      <=> For some reason, it wouldn't work. I tried several times, checked the table_names and the fields, copied them to rule out

             typos - the errror was >> Table not found << when I loaded the fields from that >> Personal_WE <<

      <=> In the end, I renamed - the other one, the >> Transaction_aux2 << - and then it worked.

      Is there any particularity with JOINs about the table_names (except they have to be correct)?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,