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    QDF and hidden script

    Mario Van De Walle



      We are setting up a new QlikView service in our company according the QDF standards.

      Development will be done locally on client PC and applications need to be moved to our QA server via FTP according the security policies we have in our company..


      One issue we have:

      If you make use of a hidden script the hidden script will be executed before the QDF tab script.

      When developing locally the vG.xxx variables are pointing to c:\


      After moving the application to the server over FTP and schedule the application the application fails.

      Reason, the data on the server is not located on c:\ but e:\ which means that the path in the hidden script is not valid.


      Is their any workaround for this?




        • Re: QDF and hidden script
          Magnus Berg

          Hi, you can either add the hidden script as a sub function:
          sub name [ ( paramlist )] statements end sub

          and execute the sub after the QDF Initiation script by using:
          call name ( [ paramlist ])

          Or you need to run the QDF initiation script inside the hidden script. Hope this helps.

          Best regards