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    How to clear all tasks and triggers on a publisher

    Vegar Lie Arntsen

      How do I clear all tasks and triggers in QlikView Publisher?


      This is my scenario.

      I have two environments A and B. I want frequently to replicate the tasks from A on into environment B.


      1. I I use Remote Management Services (Import tasks) to do the initial replicate on to B.

      2. I make changes in environement A and I want these changes to be deployed on B

      3. I run Import Tasks again.

      4. The result is a duplicate setup of all tasks.


      I'm trying to find a method where I could remove / delete all tasks from environment B before running tot Import Tasks the second and third time.


      I've localized the ProgramData folder for ManagementService (QVPR) and DistributionService and believe that the answer lies within on or both of these folders.


      I'm thankful for all input to this question.

      Vegar L. Arntsen