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    Drill Down Multiple Selection



      I have a drill down group the has the following heirarchy:






      Currently, if i drill into multiple regions, then I see onlyh the multiple regions.  I want to make such if I drill into multiple Regions, I see All of the States within those 2 regions.


      Thank You For Your Help

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          Jonathan Poole

          Drill groups won't work that way, and a cycle will require 2 clicks.


          To do this 'on click' you could include 2 dimensions (Region and Country) and conditionally show one or the other depending if 1 or more Regions have been selected


          No Regions Selected





          One or more regions selected




          The settings are on the dimension tab on each dimension itself, here is the condition for 'Region'




          Region 'enable conditional' expression:   GetSelectedCount(REGION)=0

          Country 'enable conditional'  expression:   GetSelectedCount(REGION)>0