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    Load order of objects in QV11.2 SR9

    Stephen Redmond

      Hi All,


      Has anyone else noticed that there is a change to the load order in QV11.2 SR9 from previous versions?


      I have an extension published to Branch that replicates the Selection Tags of Qlik Sense within QlikView.  This runs as a document extension.  I am looking for the Tabrow - $("#Tabrow") - and then inserting my html above it.  However, since upgrading to SR9 my code no longer finds the Tabrow - $("#Tabrow").length == 0.  The tabrow is, of course, still being created, and inspecting the element shows that it is still called "Tabrow".


      My guess is that it is not being generated until after the document extensions are loaded.  I am wondering if it is a sequencing to do with calls like SetTabrowPaint - maybe there was a problem with those?


      I can work around it by inserting the html after the toolbar, but that means that I can't test it in QV Desktop because the toolbar doesn't exist there.