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    How to extend components?

      I am wondering if its possible to change the ref attribute of measure component? I tried with this alteration


      measures : {
        uses : "measures",
        min : 1,
        ref: "KFMeasuresList",


      But the add button is greyed out. Do I need to change something else or is it not possible this way?


      I have implementet my own array and it works except for the expression popup when you add an item.

      kfMeasureList:  {
          type: "array",
          translation: "Row measures",
          ref: "kfMeasureList",
          min: 1,
          allowAdd: true,
          allowRemove: true,
          allowMove: false,
          addTranslation: "Add row measure",
          grouped: true,
          sourceType: "kfMeasure",
          itemTitleRef: "label",
          items: {
              rowMeasure : {
                  type : "string",
                  expression : "always",
                  expressionType : "measure",
                  ref : "expression",
                  label : "Measure",
                  defaultValue : "",
                  change : function(a,b) {
                          var c = a
                          if (c.label == '') {
                              c.label = c.qDef
                          return updateMeasures(a,b);
              rowLabel: {
                  type: "string",
                  ref: "label",
                  label: "Label",
                  show: true,
                  defaultValue: ""


      Do I have to create my own component for this to make the popup appear?