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    Possible Types of Users in an organization......

      Dear All


      I have a very little knowledge in networking , so kindly share your knowledge on the following


      1.What are possible type of users available in an organization(In general)...? (Eg Local User,AD User...etc)

      2.What is the difference between local users & Active Directory Users.

      3.What are the possible types to Groups that may be available in an organization...?

      4.Diff B/w Local Groups & AD Groups


      Pls share with a simple Example




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          Josetxo Josetxo Amonarriz



          the main difference between AD and local (users or groups) is that local only exist in the computer they have been created. AD users or group exist all over the domain and can be referenced in all the computers that belong to that AD.


          Local or AD users can have different profiles / permissions depending on the role ("normal" users, the lowest level; "pwer user", a step beyond with more permissions; or administrators that have full control). These profiles apply only to users, not to groups.


          Regarding Qlikview, I have always used AD users to grant the permissions to the documents.