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    Urgent help: Last Used(UTC) is showing blank in QMC under Assigned CALs tab(QV11)

    chinna katiki

      Dear All,


      We are having 1800 Named Licenses in our Global License server. Out of which 1525 is being leased.


      As a standard practice of Auditing, we delete the users whose last used date is less than last 6 months/blank.

      2 days back , I have deleted the users(who are not active for last 6 months or Last used is blank) from the list(under Assigned CALs tab) .


      Today when I checked in QMC, all users are again present in the list with Last Used value is blank.

      After I have seen the users again, we have restarted the server today(thought that restart may required to delete the users permanently)

      Now I'm confused that, why these users are again present?

      If deleted users are active and leased the license again, then Last Used should be yesterday's date.

      Kindly help me to understand about these CALs logic.

      PFA screenshots.

      Best Regards,