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    Link to AccessPoint

    Ali Azizi

      Hi everyone


      We've got a problem with a link to QlikView applications on the AccessPoint, which after upgrading QlikView from 11.0 SR1 to 11.2 SR3 does not work anymore.


      Before the upgrade this URL was working perfectly fine:

      http://<server name>/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=<document name>&host=Local&select=LB01,14861A


      If you remove the "host = local" from the link, it works again. The server name is not Local and it is not defined as "Local" in the DNS!


      Just before we upgraded QlikView system, the customer had made a data storage relocation, which included QlikView data folders (root folder, document folders ...) was moved to a new server! Data storage is not named directly with an IP but with alias that points to the new server! Can it have an impact on this problem?


      Thank you in advance

        • Re: Link to AccessPoint
          Magnus Berg

          Hi Aliazizi, host represents the Server name, you can check out the AccessPoint Setting /Server Connection in the QMC as shown below. You should have the same "host" in the URL as server connection name. AP.png


          Server connection name local is a default value stored in ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer\config.xml, when changing settings "local" can unintentionally be removed.

          Hope this helps