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    Date&Time format in QMC reload list.

      I have QV SBE server 11.2 SR9 installed in Win2012 server environment.


      Everything is working great, but just one minor thing that is annoying me:

      I cannot find how to set date and time format in QMC console so that all the reload tasks are shown on my local format (dd.mm.yyy HH:mm:ss). All the dates and time there are being shown as mm/dd/yyyy and clock with AM/PM, which is not very intuitive for me if I have larger list of tasks.



      I have sett all the regional settings in the Win2012 server as supposed to show the dates and time in dd.mm.yyyy HH:mm:ss format and I cannot find any other place where to set this for QMC. Looks like this setting has been hardcoded somewhere or something else.


      Maybe I have overlooked something somewhere, so I would be thanksfull for some advice where to look!

      Thanks in advance!