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    Access issue with PlugIn not Ajax client


      We have a qv cluster setup (QV 11.2 SR8). WebServser = IIS.

      Users comming in from outside is directed to the Access Point through a NetScaler setup.


      When I logon with my user through the NetScaler everything works fine - that is: My user can open qvw files with both the Ajax and the IE PlugIn client.

      Using the PlugIn gives me an URL like this:



      Now for some reason we have a user who also is comming through the Netscaler and the user can access/open the qvw files with the Ajax client without any problems but using the IE PlugIn the user gets this error:

      qvp://qlikcluster2.company.com/Sales.qvw?iis_authenticate=CD9391F936384A8C23DD69DA80648E5C&tunneler=https%3A%2F%2Fqlikview.company.com%2Fscripts%2FQVSTunnel.dll%3Fhost%3Dqlikcluster2 could not be opened


      What could be the reason for this? (if this has to do with the PlugIn communication on port 4747, then i guess my user also shouldn't be able to access/open the qvw file with the PlugIn client?)