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    Date Variable in Set Analysis

    Stefan van Diepen

      I load my data from a MS Access Database. One of the fields is 'Shipmentdate'. I load this field in my script like this:


      date(Shipmentdate) as Shipmentdate


      I also create a variable, returning the date of yesterday:


      LET vYesterday = date(Today()-1);


      Now, I create a table, where I use this as expression:


      =sum({$<Shipmentdate={'<=$(#=vYesterday)'} >} SHP)


      This returns all zero's, whilst there is definitely date on yesterday.

      Please find below 2 screenshots (to show you the outcome of my scripting):

      Listbox of Shipmentdate:

      Listbox Shipmentdate.png

      Variable Overview:

      Variable Overview.png

      Anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

      Thanks in advance for the help once again!