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    QlikView_app too big - how to get details

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have just picked an app to work on now. That is approx. 50MB in size. That's not too big actually, but in the area where it's supposed to be used - the PC is connected to our Server via Wifi and it's not the best - neither the PC nor the Wifi ;-)

      => So in that instance the size of the app likely does matter as we cannot reload it locally on that PC - that way the Wifi would be no
            issue - but we have to do that on the Server.


      => I know it would be much easier to get a new PC or just get better Wifi there, but none of that is easy to do as it's not up to me ...

      => So, how can I analyze an app to know which of the tables I load adds how much to the total size of the app?


      I'll start by running the DocumentAnalyzer to learn which fields I actually need and which I don't, and delete unnecessary fields.


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