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    Using variables in Qlik Sense

    Moises Vivanco

      Hello everyone:

      I am using Qlik sense and I find it very  useful. I have a small problem using variables that are not presented in QlikView


      I have defined two variables:


      SET vAñoMesDiaMax=Max(Year([Start Time])& Date([Start Time],'MM')&Date([Start Time],'DD'));

      SET vDiaMax=right(Max(Year([Start Time])& Date([Start Time],'MM')&Date([Start Time],'DD')),2);

      SET vAñoMesDiaPasado=if($(vDiaMax)<1,$(vAñoMesDiaMax)-70,$(vAñoMesDiaMax)-1);


      When used in a script did not report anything.The expression used is as follows


      En Qlikview is Ok.

      But i Use the next sentence result OK. with the Variables:

      SET vAñoMesDiaMax=20141128;

      SET vAñoMesDiaPasado=20141127;



      where will I be wrong?