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    Grouping in Line Chart

    Stephen Edberk

      ♣I have the expression of primary sales and last month primary sales,secondary sales and last month secondary sales,opening stocks and last month opening stocks ,closing stocks and last month closing stock in LINE CHART.


      ♣I want to GROUPING all those expression.


      ♣If I select the primary sales in Grouping mean I want to show only the primary sales and last month primary sales only



      ♣IN Below i attach the sample Expression of this Project


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        • Re: Grouping in Line Chart
          Bill Markham

          How about creating a variable for each of your expression groups, e.g.

          • vPrimarySales
          • vSecondarySales
          • etc....


          Then make the expressions conditional, as in only displaying if their variable is 1.


          And finally ctreate button's that toggle these variables between 0 and 1.