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    Data Reduction in Section Access problem with qlikview publisher

    ervin jafari


      I have problem with section access with reduction,I explain my problem in different way:

      1.I use sql table for section access the fields in table are Access , NTName, ReductionKey then I upper case all field with Upper function also I use Upper case fieldName.also I added qlikview service account to the NTName Field.

      2.I use another sql table with field ReductionKey and AccessCode in section application.


      any user in the NTName can access the document via the access-point(when just check initial data.... and unchecked strict exclusion) but for all of them data reduce the reduction key for service user account.and fail to access the file error massage appear (when check both initial data... and strict exclusion)

      But when I didnot publisher and use just qlikview server from user document tab then section access work correctly and data reduce for any user even I open the file via the open in server everything works correct.


      My problem is with publisher .

      Please help me.