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    Workbench DIV tag integration with Java Web Application

      Hi ,


      I want to integrate QV workbench DIV integration in Java web application and here is my scenario. Please let me know, is this possible or not as I couldnt find appropriate information regards to my issue.


      I have QVWS and workbench are on xyz server(serverip:porta) and my java application is running on same server (serverip:portb), I mean QVWS wih Workbench and my java application are sharing same box but different web servers.


      As expected, I got the CORS errors(cross site scripting error), when I tried to implement DIV integration (as per document and/or manuals). To enable CORS on QVWS I have added entries in web.config of QVWS, but that didnt worked with somany combinations.


      Then I thought to go for proxy page as per  workbench documentation. Interestingly I found that, workbench integration will work for .NET based web aplpication. Is this true?

      And also, I found that, part of proxy.aspx implemention, we need to mention proxy details while installing workbench.

      If so, how can we implement and use proxy.jsp incase of Java web application, as a Java web application developer, I shouldnt be worry about QVWS or workbench setup if I need to implement proxy.jsp concept.


      If I no need to worry about QVWS/workbench setup, then how can I implement proxy.jsp and how to call "...../htc/QvAjax.js" in my html page on my Java application, where I will be integrating workbench DIV tag with Qlikview.


      I need this very urgently, please could anyone help me.