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    Regarding multiple scripts in Qlikview


      I have a question regarding scripts in qlikview.

      I am using ContosoRetailDW datawarehouse and this contains 3 fact tables.

      I have created a dashboard for Internet sales and now want to create for reseller sales as well.

      How do I add script in the edit script field? If I load data from FactResellerSales Table, I will have 2 fact tables which is  not correct as only 1 fact table can exist at a time.,

      So how do I proceed?

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          Jonathan Dienst



          Concatenate the two tables, with a source field to indicate the source. Something like:



          LOAD ...,

            'Internet' As Source

          FROM InternetSales;



          LOAD ...,

            'Resellers' As Source

          FROM Resellers;


          You may need to adjust certain field names if the same content is under a different field name in the Resellers source