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    Intervalmatch doesn't link all data as expected



      I'm having some trouble using intervalmatch.


      What I want to do:


      Link the columns start(time) and end(time) (they're timestamps from a file) to a manually created column, let's call it MinuteID.

      Expected result: To each MinuteID are all rows linked which have a start(time) <= MinuteID and an end(time) >= MinuteID. Which includes that one MinuteID can occur multiple times with different files (start/end combinations)


      I wrote my code and in 95% it runs fine. But in 5% the data isn't linked by intervalmatch - it seems like all of that 5% have a start(time) where the minute is 00 (for example 14:00:35). But there are also cases where minute 00 is no problem.




      start: 7.11.2014 10:00:00 //decimal: 41,950.416 666 666 672

      end:  7.11.2014 10:00:12 //decimal: 41,950.416 805 555 556

      Expected MinuteID linked to this: 7.11.2014 10:00:00 (and yes, it exists!) //decimal: 41,950.416 666 666 672


      Does anyone guess how to solve this problem?


      Thank you!

      Kind regards