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    date difference issue

      i'm having issue in date difference


      its not showing proper.


      Please refer attached application for better understanding

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          Bill Markham

          InflowDateNew is a timestamp field, not a pure date so it needs the floor() function to make it true date.


          Maybe like this in your expression for pendingdays




          Although I would certainly floor() it in the script.

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            Anand Chouhan



            Try this also for getting the day difference in the days


            Interval(date(Today(),'DD-MMM-YYYY') -Floor(Date(InflowDateNew,'DD-MMM-YYYY')),'d')


            For Test Expression

            Aggr((Num(date(Today(),'DD-MMM-YYYY') - Floor(date(InflowDateNew,'DD-MMM-YYYY')), 'DD')), InflowDateNew)