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    Dataflow visualization tool to see the dataflow from Source, throughout the ETL, to Target (QV-report)?

    Daniel Wardzynski

      Dear QV developers,


      Is there a nice and simple dataflow visualization tool for Qlikview where you can open a developed and currently in use end-product (QV report, QWV-file, with its attached QVDs) and see the entire dataflow from its sources, throughout the Extraction and Transformation layers into the final "Table Viewer" visualization that we have in Qlikview?


      The most similar thing I found is the Lineage feature in Qlikview Governance Dashboard v1.1. But in order for me to rebuild old Qlikview reports such a tool would be of great benefit in order to quickly be able to assess and visualize the dataflow throughout the Qlikview architecture.


      What are your suggestions?