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    Login page doesn't redirect to requested dashboard



      When the user try to access a qlikview application via a saved URL (like http:\\xxxxxx\QvAJAXZfc\opendoc.htm?document=xxxx), the application is opened if the user is already authenticated.

      But if the user isn't authenticated, he's redirected to the login page (the URL in the browser is then like http://xxxx/qlikview/login.htm?back=xxxxx).
      After he entered his login and password, instead of being redirected to the qlikview application, he's redirected to the access point (http:\\xxxxx\qlikview\index.htm).

      Did we missed a setting ?
      Any ideas ?



      note : In ie debug mode, I noticed that in login.js, in the function CheckUrl(url, defUrl), defUrl is always returned instead of url (url contains the value of "back" parameter, but host and hostname are always empty even after the following code : if(l.host == "") { l.heref = l.href;})

      Version  : 11.20.12235.0 SR5 64bits edition