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    Help Not Exists

      I need help to do the following expression does not exist:


      set @DataMesAnt = CAST(CONVERT(CHAR(10), GETDATE(), 121) AS SMALLDATETIME)
      IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM NfiCabV ncv JOIN NfiItmV niv
                    ON  (
                           ncv.Nfi_Planta = niv.Nfi_Planta
                           AND ncv.Nfi_NotFis = niv.Nfi_NotFis
                           AND ncv.Nfi_Serie = niv.Nfi_Serie
       WHERE  ncv.Nfi_Planta in ('01','06')
              AND ncv.Nfi_DatEmi = @DataMesAnt
              AND ncv.Nfi_OriNfi = 'P'
              AND ncv.Nfi_SitNfi IS NULL
              AND ncv.Nfi_Serie IN ('U1', '1') )
       set @DataMesAnt = CAST(CONVERT(CHAR(10), GETDATE()-1, 121) AS SMALLDATETIME) 


      can anyone help me?