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    Variables in the dimension

    Niccolo Rossi


      i am having trouble in creating a chart where in the dimensions i have some banks. The peculirity is that the banks are selected through a variable.


      As you can see above: in the middle i select the bank that i want to analyze, and the chart on the left plots the total number of people working within that bank. (1 dimension 1 expression). What i am trying to do on the right is to have 3 expressions (new to the bank, exited the bank and cancelled) for the same banks that i select in the middle.


      How can i do this?

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          Niccolo Rossi

          So basically i have a list of banks:


          Bank Name


          I have create 10 variables tha allow me to select from the list of banks the one i would like to analyze vAlbo1, vAlbo2 and so on.

          In my new chart, i need to have in the dimensions the variables vAlbo1, vAlbo2; while in the expression i simply have some sum.


          How can i do this?