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    Date Box

      I Have a variable.

      1. I want to select the variable from a date picker. How can i do this.

      2. I want to check if variable is filled and bigger than other value.


      Thx for helping me.

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          Saradhi Balla


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              ? Please explain

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                  Saradhi Balla

                  In the attachment, vDate is the variable. The selected date in the calendar object is set to assign to this variable. So when you pick a date in the calendar object, vDate value changes to the selected date. using the calendar object, a user can select any date.


                  F2 is a column with dates from the data table. the text box displays yes/no based on whether or not the date picked in the calendar object (vDate value) is greater than a date value in the date column F2. So in other words, if the date selected in the calendar object is greater than a date in F2, it displays Yes, otherwise No.


                  This is just an example based on the information in your first post. You can modify it to suit your needs. Hope this helps.

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                      thx. But i have just license to open 1 file.

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                          Saradhi Balla

                          well, in that case, i will try to explain the steps:


                          1. click Ctrl+Alt+V to bring up the variables dialog box. click add and create a new variable say vDate. you can leave the value blank.


                          2. create a new calendar object (right click on the sheet and select slider/calendar and select calendar from the input style dropdown at the top)


                          3. in data section of the general tab, select radio button Variable. Then select vDate from the dropdown. remove any values in Max Value field below.


                          4. in Number tab of Slider/Calendar Object Properties, select Override Document Settings and select Date and input correct format pattern (for example, MM/DD/YYYY). this should match the date field format that you are going to compare it to.


                          5. pick a date from the calendar object and select a date from your date field (say F2).


                          6. comparison can be done using the expression vDate > F2...so your expression may look like


                          =if(vDate > F2, 'Future', 'Past')


                          i hope this helps.