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    Full browser design tips

    Ivan Drago



      I am having to get users to open their qliview document using the full browser version instead of the IE plugin. This is because I have extension charts which do not work using the IE plugin, but when they open it via the full browser the list boxes and calendar buttons overlap?


      What is the best way to design the document from scratch so that the sheets look presentable when opening in both views?



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          Peter Cammaert

          Two tips:


          1. Always use the latest version of QlikView. The Ajax-Plugin alignment is getting better and better.
          2. In QV Desktop, often check your layout with the WebView button (Design toolbar, last button to the right)


          Object alignment in Ajax-mode is a bit different from the plugin. You'll have to space your objects a little wider. For example, a horizontal list box with a fixed number of text entries (like the month names in a year) can best be spaced in WebView mode, because the plugin will adjust to any width. But the browser version won't. Also keep in mind that fonts may be different.



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              Ivan Drago

              Thanks for the reply


              1. The Ajax plugin? Does a user have to download this Ajax plugin?

              2. So when creating the document should I automatically start this in web view?



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                  Daniel Oberbillig

                  There is no need to download any Ajax plugin.

                  Use the Web View only to check / finetune your layout. Its not even possible to use the full scale of development if you are within web view. So develop your app as usual and when its about placing the objects: as Peter said: just use more spacing between 2 objects (e.g. strg+shift and arrow do move an object by 10pts per step) and crosscheck it with the webview afterwards.