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    Qlikview Chart Manipulation

    Kash Jani



      I have a chart that shows a number of count (Unique ID) on Y axis by countries on X axis.


      I have another dimension along with countries to bucket the numbers i.e. 1, 2 to 4, 5-10 etc to group the numbering.


      Is there anyway I can count 1 less when something is selected in the chart? This effectively will count the unique ID one less and then show it in the chart.


      For e.g. one country might have 5 counts which will put it under 5-10 bucket but because we want to count one less, it will then put it under 2 to 4.


      I can't do this during load as we want to preserve the original count to show in a differernt table


      Hope I haven't made it too confusing.


      Thanks for your help.