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    QlikView Staging Application Template

    Ian Tsang

      We are about to embark on a pretty large BI project and I am looking at best practice etc so luckily I have found this really useful resource in time!


      In the main documentation, there is reference to using a QlikView Staging Application template as a starting point for QV staging. I have a number of databases I want to dump into QVDs so this would be an ideal opportunity to look through the template. However I can't seem to find it in the examples. Anyone have a copy of the qvw that they could provide or is this template no longer used?


      Many thanks

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          Karthikeyan Subramaniam

          Please attach that, so that can help on that.

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              Ian Tsang

              Thanks, I am referring to the "QlikView Deployment Framework-Development Guide.pdf"








              QlikView Staging

              QlikView staging is the process of intermediately storing data between the sources of information, most often in QVD files. Always use the template for QlikView Staging Application as starting point. In this application there are 3 tabs in the script as standard. These could be extended where needed. The tabs should contain the following content:

               Main

               Include statement for connection string ODBC/OLE DB stored in






              Include statement for QVD-variables. An alternative to this is to use relative paths on each tab

               Meta information about the application. I.E owner, purpose.


               Extract


               Extracting the sources needed. Using an incremental approach when applicable. If there is no need for transformation the source could be stored directly to the presentation layer in the QVD-folder using this variable/relative path.


               Transform


               When transformation is needed. For example creating new fields, cleansing information, aggregate and so on. This will be executed here.