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    Buttons (Variables) Not Working When Uploaded to Qlikview Server

      I have been working on a Qlikview project on my local computer and have recently encountered an issue when pushing it to Qlikview Server.



      Essentially, we have a sheet that includes buttons, created with variables (i.e. Add a 'Set Variable' Action, and correlate that with a 'Conditional Show' for specific graphs). These buttons function/work properly outside of the server on my local.


      However, when I upload the project to the server, the buttons on do not function/work at all (the sheet is stagnant upon clicking). Nothing happens when I click them.


      When I make single selections (i.e. Click on a filter) the dashboard works fine. Has anyone ever encountered this issue before/do you have any suggested solutions?

      I really appreciate it in advance.

      Thanks much,