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    Why a 24 hour quarantine period?

      Why is there a quarantine period where the user license is not released for 24 hours!  This greatly limit the use of this tool.  What purpose does this quarantine period serve?

      If we have 5 users spend 5-10 minutes reviewing Analytics in the morning and then have a management meeting in the afternoon, some or all managers may not be able to access Analytics.  This is not just inconvenient, it seems ridiculous to pay so much for a reporting tool that limits its use.  The user never knows when a user license has been released from the quarantine so no one can rely on access to this resource and schedule a meeting where it would be used. 


      How can we modify the duration of this quarantine period?

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          Stefan Wühl

          That's Qlik's business model.


          The quarantine is affecting Named User CALs, if you release a user assignement, then you have to wait for some time (if the user has used it in the last 24 hours before release) before you can assign a new user to the CAL.

          A Named User CAL is not intended to be used as a shared licence pool, it's rather static and the use case to release a CAL is when a user e.g. left the company.


          As far as I see, you can use Session CALs for the use case you have described, or use document CALs if the user only needs to access a single or very few documents.

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            Ashfaq Mohammed



            This is Qlik Licencing Policy.

            I don't think you can modify it. If you tru to do that it will be against Qlik Licensing policy.




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              Peter Cammaert

              You cannot change the 24-hr Quarantine period. It's a QlikView safety measure. Your software license agreement will explain how Qlik defines user licenses.


              Both Named CALs and Document CALs have a forced quarantine period when reassigning CALs to other users. If you want concurrent user licenses, you can choose Session CALs or Usage CALs. You'll need an Enterprise Edition-server for those.


              The document in attachment may shed some light on what you can do with the different CAL types.





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                Bill Britt

                Hi Gina,


                This is a limitation for a User CAL and from what you are saying it appears you need session CAL. You need to discuss this with your account manager and he can help you with this.