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    Is redirection of QlikView Web Server possible?

    Goran Korsgren



      We are going to start using https over port 443 instead of http over port 80.


      We are using the QlikView WebServer  (11.20 SR9)  (no IIS).


      It is all set for https (certificate installed etc) and will work, I have tested it.


      The problem is that a lot of our users have the accesspoint (and possibly urls to individual documents) bookmarked with the http: prefix.

      So I would like to be able to handle all requests for http:// by redirecting to a page explaining that they need to use https:// instead.


      All other web server software I been working with have config files where this type of processing could be done.

      Is it possible in QlikView Web Server?

      And if so, how?


      I doubt the config.xml in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer is the correct file to modify because it seems to be generated from what you enter in the QlikView Managment Console.